Our People - Our Capital

KARAVCO SA is a company that invests significantly in its people, as they are our most important asset.

The anthropocentric character of the company is the reason why we strive to support our people and their families through innovative solutions.

In particular, the company:

  • Emphasizes the improvement of knowledge and skills of employees.
  • Improves working conditions for all workers.
  • Educates employees on Safety and Hygiene issues.

However, the sensitivity of KARAVCO SA is not limited to the issues of its own people.
Our company responds discreetly and quietly to support our fellow human beings and the local community.

This social contribution is manifested through our involvement in dealing with the consequences of earthquakes, fires, and floods. We also contribute to the establishment of hospital units, the support of pupils and students, and the sponsorship of cultural events.

We understand the direct connection between our business excellence and the well-being of our employees, customers, and community.