KARAVCO submits its new proposals

Contributing to the further development of design in the field of decoration and architectural applications, KARAVCO submits its new proposals, redefining the concept of decorative surfaces – environment friendly – and the various uses thereof.

The new technology acrylic surfaces

The new technology acrylic surfaces, available in a variety of colors, textures and special effects, and practical ways to pay particular aesthetic and ergonomic identity to the information and applied areas:

Masonry investment ceiling linings, public places decorations, pool decorations, lighting elements, furniture and furnishing items such as chairs, tables, bed headboards, bedside tables, shelves, kitchen cabinet doors, closet doors and in premises such as hotels, cafe and restaurants where the aesthetics is anyway a prerequisite.

These areas are addressed primarily in the area of the construction and decoration professionals. KARAVCO is not limited to selling but also services such diverse applications and integrated projects in order to fully meet the diverse needs of the market.


KARAVCO panel is a technologically advanced product which undergoes various kinds of industrial processes, and results in a decorative panel with a glossy finish on one side while the other side is coated with a decorative motif same sheet.

The product has excellent physical-mechanical response compared to other alternatives, emphasizing resilience to scratches, the quality of the surface, the excellent gloss and the constant brightness with respect to the colors. The above features make it suitable for vertical application in kitchen, bathroom, office and in home furnishings.

KARAVCO panel is an extremely flexible, high-quality decorative product.
The special identity of these panels and decorative surfaces – both aesthetic and ergonomic – makes them powerful tools in the hands of the specialist in design, architects, decorators and furniture designers, bringing a new perspective to the data and the premises where they can be used.

Once again KARAVCO includes in its range advanced products of high aesthetics, confirming the rule governing that it disposes anything innovative in the field of decoration, building and furniture, making it an important factor in the design scene in the decoration, architectural and furniture applications of today and tomorrow.