KARAVCO as a driver of development in the construction sector and furniture decoration, offering experience and deep knowledge of the subject, and given the strong motive for development, expanded its activity with the “KARAVCO FOAM” production units.

Polyurethane foam and mdi (foam)

These units operates exclusively in product manufacturing and processing of polyurethane foam and mdi (foam) as well as furniture upholstery materials for furniture and boats / ships.

Special seating and back sofas cushions using high quality raw materials and foam rubber into cuttings to special dimensions and diverse forms, using specialized CNC cutting machines and other machinery for special applications for the proper treatment and coating furniture upholstery products, accompanied by international quality certificates.

Undoubtedly, this production plant «KARAVCO FOAM» added a new dynamic to the ability to service its diverse clientele and the individual concerned, as the company aims to continuously enrich the range of products and services available, which are in line with the progress and development of technology and the world market, to respond fully and successfully in diverse space requirements.