Qualitative identity and international standards

With basic criteria the qualitative identity and international standards in the selection of materials with which enriches its range, KARAVCO is now one of the largest import, representation and marketing furniture materials companies. This work piece has a wide range of products consisting of 7,000 and more codes.

Proper management of codes

In order to achieve proper management of these codes, the company has incorporated the following five major subcategories:

  • Kitchen Accessories & Mechanisms
  • Furniture Accessories & Mechanisms
  • Upholstery Material & Mechanisms
  • Decorative Material (hardware)
  • Furniture processing tools

The new generation wardrobe mechanisms, the new technology drawer systems with silent operation, the innovative bedding systems and many more, with the steady quality signature of above mentioned leading brands worldwide, are being top options in terms of ergonomics as well as aesthetics.

KARAVCO is focusing for years particularly on the selection of products that exceed by far any attempt to counterfeit and has the potential of partnerships with large foreign companies that maintain a long tradition in manufacturing and their signatures are being a guarantee of quality.